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My wife and I started this foundation in 2015. We have a long history of traveling to Jamaica and we have spent a great many hours surrounding ourselves with the local people far away from the tourists. We are very inspired by their positive energy and happiness despite their poverty. It has really changed the way we view the things we call problems. We also learned that 50% of the children in Jamaica do not go to school full time because they cant afford to pay for their lunch or their transportation or even supplies such as pencils and paper. As a result, 80% of Jamaica is illiterate. We met a man who quickly wanted to ask us medical questions. His questions were more than profound, they included subjects as new as stem cell replacement procedures and how they would change the fabric of modern medicine. I asked him why he was tending a bar with his level of intelligence. His response made us cry. He told us that growing  up he  thought he was dumb because he was always so hungry he couldn't think about his books. When he was old enough to feed himself and realize that he WAS smart it was to late. So here we are providing the needs for the children as well as the schools to prevent people like him form becoming another statistic!