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8:30-12:30; 2:00-5:30




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The inverse pressure created by cupping can have many different benefits including pain relief, increased circulation, reduced inflammation & much more.

A variety of soft tissue therapies from myofascial release, deep tissue, pregnancy, trigger point, reiki, and more.

We offer state of the art care with cutting edge technology that includes the following:

MPS DC Microcurrent needle-less accupuncture to release scarring and as a breakthrough in Pain Management. It can reduce pain up to 80% in the first 2-3 treatments!

Custom made orthotics come in a variety if styles to fit every lifestyle and activity level. We make them here in the office. It's one of the best things we offer our patients!

Comprehensive exam that includes digital ex-rays.

Inversion Therapy. What more can I say. It's a spines best friend!

The Proadjuster is a computerised adjusting technique that eliminates the twisting and bending and turning that some people can't handle.